Spices (Whole and Grounded)

India is the one of the major producer of spices in the world. Having wide range of quality spices with production and capacity to fulfill the need of global consumers. These spices include a large variety of herbs that are grown across the Indian subcontinent. Due to different climatic conditions across the country, India produces a variety of spices like Cumin Seed, Coriander Seed, Fennel Seed, Ajwain, Chilli, Nutmeg etc widely used for preparing different dishes and also use for flavoring foods and medicines in pharmaceutical, perfumery and cosmetics industries.


Cumin Seed
Type Machine cleaned / Sortexed/Extra Bold
Purity 99% / 98% / 99.50% (Singapore/Europe)
Total ASH 9.50% Max
Acid insuluble ASH 1.75% Max
Flavour Aromatic with a penetrating flavour
Moisture 10% max
Salmonella Absent/25 gms
Volaile oil Min 2.00 ml/100 gms
Coriander Seed
Kinds (whole or splits) -Indori (washed/unwashed)
-Kanpuri (washed/unwashed)
-Badami (washed/unwashed)
Purity 98%
Extraneous matter 2% max
Split Seeds 5% max
Damaged seeds other
than insect damage
2% max
Moisture 8% max
Live infestation Nil
Type Kind Moisture
Whole Nutmeg ( with & without shell ) ABCD Quality,Shrivelled, BWP 13% Max
Black Paper
Type Moisture
500G/L, MG1 (Malabar Grade),
TGEB (Tellicherry Garbled Extra Bold),
TGSEB (Tellicherry Special Extra Bold)
11% Max
Type Finger/Bulbs - Polished or Unpolished
Flexibility Hard
Broken pieces (fingers<15mm) < 5 %
Foreign matter < 1 %
Defectives < 3 %
Percentage of bulbs by weight < 4 % Starch content, max, w/w: 60 %
Curcumin content 4 - 5 %
Moisture 10%
Total ash 7%
Lead as PPB 2.5
Chromate test Negative
Acid insoluble ash 2.5%
Kinds -Sannam S4 best
-Teja Best
-Wrinkle 273
-Wonder Hot
-Tomato Chili
-Yellow Chili
Type -Whole Chili with Stem
-Whole Chili without Stem
-Grounded Chili Powder
-Chili oleoresin
-Chili meal
Color Bright Red
Length as per grade
Pods without stalk 8% max
Moisture 12.5% max
Foreign material 2% max
Broken chilies 7% max
Loose seeds 2% max
Damaged and discolored pods 6% max
Fennel Seed
Type Kanpuri/Singapore/Europe
Purity 97% / 98% / 99%
Total ASH 10% max
Acid insuluble ASH 1.25% max
Flavour Aromatic sweet
Moisture 10-11% max
Salmonella Absent/25 gms


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